Schrijf in mijn gastenboek
  • Maria Moreira (26 maart 2015): Good morning, We are Diagonal Ltd, a graphic design company. We are doing the manuals for the Secretariat for Christian Education( We intend to publish in the "School Manual" format image which we attached link. UL5.1P44_A_mixture_of_wall-paintings_on_the_w Graffitis junto a casa de anne frank | Image:,_at_the_corner_Prinsengracht_canal_and_Anjelierstraat,_Amsterdam_from_photographer,_Fons_Heijnsbroek.jpg We wonder: >> photo to the interior of the book 1/8 page >> If it can be provided in digital format with 300-dpi (jpeg or tiff); >> what's the cost for It be provided for the use for the period 5 years. >> printed manual >> 6000 units >> name of the book: Ethics and Economics Very grateful for your attention, we are awaiting a response as soon as possible. Best regards